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Carers Trust 50th Anniversary Reception

29th March 2023

Alderman and Sheriff Alastair King DL had the pleasure of hosting a reception on 29th March 2023 for the Carers Trust at the Old Bailey to mark the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first carer organisation. The reception highlighted the incredible work completed over the past fifty years by carer organisations, supporting millions of unpaid carers.

The Carers Trust network covers most of the UK, and the reception brought together colleagues from over 120 local organisations, supports, funders, trustees, and Carers Trust Staff.

We heard from a young carer, Aditya, speaking about the challenge and privilege of caring for his ten-year-old brother who has non-verbal autism and ADHD. Guests heard stories from Angela Rippon CBE, who spoke touchingly about her experience of caring for her mother with vascular dementia, opening up about the difficulty of providing care but not being able to improve her condition. Angela spoke about how proud she is to support unpaid carers and the Carers Trust because of how too often unpaid carers feel forgotten, despite their tireless hard work. For this reason, it was a great honour to host this important event at the Grand Hall of the Old Bailey in support of carers.

You can find out more about the development of the Carers Trust and local carer organisations on their website, as well as find information of how the Carers Trust provides access to support, advice, and resources to carers in the UK -

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