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Lady Mayoress Sleep Out 2023

30th March 2023

Alderman and Sheriff Alastair King DL ditched his comfy warm bed for the night to join the Lady Mayoress’ Sleep Out at Guildhall Yard. With the aim to highlight the high number of homeless people in the City and to raise money for charity, this event gave Alastair a mere glimpse of the harsh reality for thousands of people across London.

The number of people sleeping rough in London has jumped by 24% in the past year, according to an official count, meaning more than 3,600 people slept on the capital’s streets between June and September

Alastair raised a decent four-figure sum from a number of kind donors by participating in the Sleep Out - 50% of net proceeds of the event will be donated to The Pret Foundation which tackles hunger, poverty, and homelessness in communities. The other 50% of net proceeds will go to The Lord Mayor's Appeal and its beneficiary charities, some of which focus on mental health issues which are often one of the main causes of homelessness.

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