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Lord Mayor Big Curry Lunch 2023

30th March 2023

Sheriff and Alderman Alastair King DL was delighted to attend the Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch (LMBCL) at Guildhall, one of London’s biggest fundraisers supporting the Veterans of His Majesties Armed Forces.

Lord Mayor's Big Curry Lunch at Guildhall

The Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch first took place in April 2008. From the outset, the Lunches’ purposes are to support soldiers, present and former, regular and reservists, those who served in Iran and Afghanistan and their families. The Lunches also raise awareness of the City community of the Armed Forces of the Crown and build awareness of the national charity – ABF Soldiers’ Charity – that works tirelessly to support former soldiers’ and their families. Over the past sixteen years, the Lunches have raised over £2.85 million to help the HM Armed Forces’ soldiers and veterans.

All proceeds of the LMBCL 2023 will go to helping veterans into employment and employability after service to the Crown, providing financial support for veterans to take part in programmes designed to help manage their pain, trauma, and any physical and mental consequences of service to subsequently find meaningful work and reintegrate into society outside of military service.

Alderman and Sheriff Alastair King DL, Consort Corinne Lee and Sheriff Andrew Marsden leaving the Curry Lunch

Sheriff King had the pleasure of eating a delicious curry, kindly served by soldiers that work in the military kitchens and greeting senior officers of the Armed Forces.

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