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Sheriffs’ Ride 2023

24th May 2023

On a sunny Wednesday morning on the 24th May Alderman & Sheriff Alastair King DL and Consort Corinne Lee took to horseback through the City of London to raise money for the Sheriffs' and Recorder's Fund for the annual Sheriffs’ Ride. Sheriff Marsden and his Consort Marian formed the support team in the Shrieval taxi.

The Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund provides support for ex-prisoners and their families in London, to help them stop offending and start a new life. This year the Ride raised an impressive 4-figure sum for the Fund.

The Sheriffs and Consorts and a Light Cavalry left the Central Criminal Court from Warwick Square, stopping at St James Garlickhythe (covering Vintners Hall and Painter Stainers), then to Innholders and Skinners then Tallow Chandlers and Mansion House. Mercers and Grocers were the next stops; followed by Furniture Makers; Drapers and Carpenters; then Armourers; Girdlers and Brewers; then on to Wax Chandlers and Goldsmiths and the Pewterers; and Plaisterers and Ironmongers. After they reached Cutlers and Stationers it was to back to the Old Bailey.

The Sheriffs and Consorts wish to sincerely thank the Light Cavalry and City of London Mounted Police for their help and organisation, and to those Halls they visited for agreeing to welcome them. The Sheriffs and Consorts are also very grateful for the generous donations to the Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund in support of the Sheriffs’ Ride.

Photographs - Gerald Sharp Photography

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