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Sikh Communities Event at Vaisakhi

On the 18th April 2023, Alderman and Sheriff Alastair King DL held an event to celebrate the Sikh contribution to the City of London at the Old Bailey Grand Hall, as part of Sheriff King’s Communities and Faiths Events Series.

The event was held in celebration of Vaisakhi - a time for family and community, and of coming together in worship and celebration.


Guests were welcomed by Alderman and Sheriff King before hearing from Preet Kaur Gill MP, who spoke about the importance of recognising minority communities, like the Sikhs, that often get overlooked. Preet Gill is the Shadow Minister of State for Overseas Development and the first female Sikh MP in the UK Parliament.

We also heard from Simon Arora of B&M, speak about how his family background and Sikh upbringing contributed to his business success.

Preet Kaur Gill MP


Simon Aurora


Guests had the pleasure of hearing a truly beautiful recital of kirtan-devotional songs by world-renowned singer Manika Kaur, accompanied by a band of wonderfully talented musicians.

Manika Kaur is a committed philanthropist, with 100% of all revenue from sales of her albums, concert tickets and merchandise are donated to the charity Kirtan for Causes, which uplifts impoverished communities in rural Punjab, India. 

Manika Kaur and accompanying musicians


There were over 150 guests at this special event celebrating diversity and highlighting the successes and contributions of the Sikh community in London. These included peers, Aldermen and councillors, high court judges, community leaders, and business leaders.


Sheriff King thanks the inspirational speakers Preet Gill MP and Simon Aurora for their participation; Manika Kaur, the musicians and crew that aided in their very special performance; and the administration, security, and catering team at the Old Bailey for ensuring a successful evening.

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