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As Aldermanic Sheriff, Alastair supported a number of charities. Read here for information on some of the charities he supports and works with.

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British Liver Trust

Trustee and now Chair (2022-)  for the British Liver Trust, a leading national charity focusing on liver disease and liver cancer. They reach over a million people each year; raising awareness of the risk factors of liver disease and providing vital advice to help people improve their liver health. 


Common Earth

Chair (2019-), international environmental charity and alliance, associated with the Commonwealth Secretariat and committed to regenerative development. 


Morden College

Trustee (2018-), Morden College (Charity founded c. 1703) – residential care for senior citizens.  


Samuel Wilson's Loan Trust

Alastair sits on the Governing Bodies of Samuel Wilsons Loan Trust, which offers business loans to young people (aged 18-39) for establishing and developing new businesses, and who are "in need by reason of ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage." 

Emanuel Hospital

Alastair acts as Deputy Chairman for The Emanuel Hospital Management Sub (Court of Aldermen) Committee. 


City Music Foundation

Trustee, the City Music Foundation develops, promotes and manages exceptionally talented emerging solo performers and ensembles early in the professional careers.

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