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Alderman & Sheriff

Examples of Current Achievements

Alastair King’s civic responsibilities begin with his service as elected representative for the Ward of Queenhithe in the City of London. He has over 24 years’ uninterrupted service; first elected as Common Councilman in 1999; was appointed Deputy for the Ward in 2006; elected Alderman in 2016 with over 96% of the vote; he was re-elected unopposed in 2022.

Alastair served a term at the Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court) as Aldermanic Sheriff for 2022-2023, during which, notable achievements include hosting a special series of themed lunches at on matters pertaining to Women and the Law with leading sector experts, including those on FGM, Gender and the Law and Domestic Abuse and the Law, Menopause and the Law, Free Speech, Forced Marriage, Human Trafficking/Safeguarding and Grooming.

Further, Alastair has organised a series functions at the Old Bailey, celebrating London as a factor in the success of some individual immigrant communities.  These include with the Jewish Communities (held in conjunction with the Jewish Leadership Council with Guest Speaker Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis); the Sikh Communities (with leading Kirtan singer Manika Kaur and Guest Speaker Simon Aurora of B&M Stores); the Hindu communities, the African-Caribbean communities, and the Muslim communities.


Duties of Alderman and Aldermanic Sheriff

One Alderman for each City of London ward are elected every six years on a rolling basis by the voters in their wards. Aldermen are part of the decision-making bodies in the City, serving on the Court of Aldermen and the Court of Common Council. Activities include approving Freedom of the City applications, approving formations of new livery companies and recommending appointment of the Recorder of London. Additionally, Aldermen act as governors and trustees of City schools, hospitals and charities.

Alastair’s role as Aldermanic Sheriff included supporting the Lord Mayor in his/her civic duties and advising them on matters important to the City: hosting dinners and events for visiting dignitaries, acting in absence of the Lord Mayor, serving as ambassadors for the city, liaising with the livery, officiating at the Central Criminal Court, and supporting His Majesty’s Judges with emphasis on the importance of English rule of law.

Queenhithe Mosaic

The Ward of Queenhithe

Alastair King is an elected representative of Queenhithe, a City ward named after ‘Queen’s Quay’. The Queenhithe Mosaic (above), conceived by former Alderman Gordon Haines, plots the history of the Ward from the Roman times to present day. The Queenhithe boundaries are Queen Victoria Street (north), Queenhithe (east), River Thames (south) and White Lion Hill (west).

Information obtained from Andersen, Jenifer, An Introduction to the City of London (2022)

Alastair's Profile on the City of London Corporation Website

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